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With a long running history of both families being heavily involved in the production agriculture as well as the food industry we have come together to offer a unique experience for the area and are here to help you get the Value and Quality you desire from your protein selection of choice. We have extensive knowledge in all steps of the food chain and understand the processes involved of getting food from the Farm to Table. Currently our facility is inspected by the state under the Custom Exemption category for Domestic Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, and Goats we also offer a variety of Wild Game Processing. For those customers that would prefer to walk in and purchase just what they need we are soon to offer individual cuts of meat items in a our newly renovated retail store. Whether you are searching for that Fine Dining Eating experience with one of our USDA Graded Steaks via the retail store or if you have locally sourced an animal to be processed the way you want we are available to assist you and answer any questions about the process.
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Our Team

Gary Meixelsperger brings to us over 30 years of experience in the Meat Processing business backed by multiple generations of family farming in the Midwest. Gary grew up in the Midwest and has called Texas home since the 1980s after his family moved here. Gary also owns and manages a 300+ head cattle operation consisting of Registered and Commercial Brahmans.

Ty Lindsey brings to us over 15 years of Meat Processing experience with hands on experience of all things processing consisting of lab testing, portioning, marination, and sales. Ty has lived in the East Texas area his entire life and is here to bring a better eating experience to your plate. Ty also owns and operates Lindsey Farms, a locally owned and growing cattle operation consisting of 100+ Head of Registered SimGenetic and Commercial Cattle.

We understand in the world we live in today we all have our preferences when it comes to proteins and the capabilities of this facility and our knowledge and relationships across the food industry we feel we have something to offer for every one.

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Monday - Friday
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